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Energy Services

With over 3,000 turnkey projects completed annually, NEL is a leader in the energy conservation and retrofit industry, delivering substantial energy cost savings for our customers. No other company offers the same level of comprehensive design, engineering support services, and installation.

As the cost of operating a business continues to rise, especially with utility expenses and maintenance cost, companies are looking for cost savings and an overall reduction in energy expenses. Allow our experienced program specialists to customize an energy saving solution specifically for you.

NEL will deliver:

  • In-depth site energy audits
  • Custom designed products to meet your specifications
  • Comprehensive ROI
  • Quick turnkey installation
  • Thorough close-out process
  • Best in market warranty program
  • Utility incentives

Some LED-specific benefits include:

  • 75% less energy use = cost savings
  • Lifespan of 70,000 hours = lower maintenance cost
  • Component recycle ability = lower impact on the environment
  • Energy efficiency = increased property valuation