From a single breaker, panel board or a custom built integrated power wall, we have the products and solutions to suit your application. Our power walls and electrical distribution centers save time and money on installation costs. The sleek design and smaller foot print saves our clients on valuable floor space. We have the experience and ability to provide turnkey installation at a competitive cost. We have the ability to design and manufacture for a multiple retail application or a single 500 room luxury resort.

  • Power Walls – A custom designed power wall incorporates the distribution switchboard, energy management controls, lighting control panel and transformers into one factory prewired system. The power wall is classified by UL as a complete assembly.
  • Electrical Distribution Centers – EDC’s are complete custom designed, engineered and fabricated electrical housings integrated with specified material to meet the client's needs. The units can be standardized and duplicated in production for consistent results. EDC’s can be fabricated for indoor or outdoor applications, as well as roof top, mezzanine or back of house installations.
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Factory installed components can include the following:

  • Lighting Panels
  • Panel Boards
  • Transformers
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Motor Controllers
  • Telephone Equipment