Image is everything in retail. A poorly lit and branded store will cost you money and customers.
We work with our clients to provide the best in lighting and imaging solutions for their applications. From state of the art lighting technology to powerful graphics we have the solutions to improve your brand…and sales!

With extended operating hours and increasing electricity cost, a great deal of a retailers overall operating expense is allocated to cover energy consumption and maintenance. We work with our clients in developing a strategy to minimize the impact of increasing electricity cost. From smart designs to a national energy conservation program we have the solutions to positively impact your business.

As an industry leader within the National Account Market we have an array of products and services that bring value and cost savings to our customers.

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  • Lighting
  • Power Walls and Switchgear
  • Graphics and Imaging Solutions
  • Energy Controls
  • Signage


  • New Construction and Remodel Support
  • Lighting Design
  • Power Control Design and Engineering
  • Energy Auditing
  • Aiming Services
  • Turn Key Retrofits
  • Utility Rebate Processing
  • National Project Management