Fitness Center clients have some of the most challenging lighting design and energy management requirements, and we’re up to the challenge. Fitness Centers have become destinations not only for working out, but for socializing, cafes and personal services. We understand the importance of creating stores within the store while maintaining the architectural design and balance of the entire space. Females make up a great deal of the customer base of the Fitness Center market and have their own unique expectations, safe lighting in the parking area, properly lit locker rooms and well lit areas and amenities. We’ll help you create an amazing space with great lighting and powerful graphics that will energize your brand.

With large square footage buildings the fitness segment has one of the highest costs to develop and maintain in the industry. We offer our fitness clients comprehensive solutions from value engineering to power control systems that save time and money. We work with our clients to focus on cost savings and a lower operational cost. We incorporate smart design concepts and best practices to improve our clients upfront cost and total cost of ownership.

Fitness Centers have on of the highest operational cost within the retail segment, much of the expense being electricity and maintenance. With today's technology a fitness center can save up to 70% in energy cost while significantly lowering their store maintenance cost. Lighting, energy controls and advanced power control can deliver huge savings to your bottom line…we’ll show you how.

As an industry leader within the fitness center national account market we have the products and services that bring value and cost savings to our clients.

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  • Lighting
  • Power Walls and Switchgear
  • Graphics and Imaging Solutions
  • Energy Controls
  • Digital Graphics and Menu Boards


  • New Construction and Remodel Support
  • Lighting Design
  • Power Control Design and Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Energy Auditing
  • Utility Rebate Processing